Win Lotto in Thailand

Whether you’re playing the Thai Lotto or the Thai Charity Lottery, it’s important to know your odds. The Thai Lotto is run by the Government lottery office (GLO), while the Thai Charity Lottery is run by the Government lottery office and the GLO Foundation.

The Thai Lotto has a very strict legislative framework. The legislative framework determines the percentage of ticket sales that are allocated to various national causes. เลขนกตาทิพย์ has to spend 9% of the revenue on administrative costs, 12% on sales costs, and 28% on prize money. The remaining 20% of lottery revenue is divided into several sectors.

The Thai lottery first started on King Chulalongkorn’s birthday in 1874. The lottery is organized by the Government lottery office and is drawn twice a month. The Thai lottery office transfers over 4000 million baht a year to the government treasury. Approximately 20 million baht is distributed to various charities and civil services each year. The lottery office also provides 440 scholarships of 20,000 baht for undergraduates.

The Thai lottery is printed on a special chemical paper with a two-tone watermark of the Wayupak. The ticket is sold through agents or retailers. The cost of a ticket can range from two to five baht for every 100 baht.

The Thai lottery is drawn on the first and 16th of each month. Approximately 15,000 ticket vendors are registered in Bangkok and provinces. Ticket vendors must be at least twenty years old.