Jobseeker’s Allowance and JobKeeper Payments

As part of working-age payment reforms, the government has introduced a new program called the JobSeeker Payment. This will replace the Newstart Allowance for those who are aged 22 years and up to pension qualification age. The government announced the changes in the 2017-18 Budget and they were passed by Parliament in March 2018. After receiving Royal Assent, the new payment will be implemented on 20 March 2020. Here are some of the main changes:

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The Jobseeker’s Allowance is paid to unemployed people for up to three days after they’ve met certain conditions. As long as they’ve been unemployed for at least three months, these people may apply for this benefit. There are also conditions for part-time workers. Sometimes, employers will reduce the number of days they work for them for a short period. However, if they’re unable to find a full-time position for more than three months, they’ll receive a Jobseeker’s Allowance of up to six days.

During severe weather, the government provides cold-weather payments to people on Income Support and Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance. Applicants can apply for a JobSeeker Payment online, over the phone, or at a service centre near them. However, services Australia recommends that applicants apply online. Applicants who successfully qualify for the payment will receive a bank transfer every fortnight. And if they are successful, the government has also introduced a new program called the JobKeeper Payment. This was designed to help businesses weather the impact of COVID-19. It involved biweekly wage subsidies of up to A$1,500 for those who were unemployed or underemployed.

Applicants who are eligible for the Jobseeker’s Benefit should be actively seeking full-time employment. Usually, หางานเชียงราย need to be unemployed for at least 4 days in a row and continue to search for full-time employment. For every day that they work, one fifth of their weekly payment will be deducted from their benefit – this could be as much as 3/5ths of their normal Payment. The same applies for those who work part-time.

Depending on the nature of the work, subsidiaries can be classified as part-time employment. In some cases, a full-time worker may also take a part-time job during the evenings and weekends. This is known as secondary employment and is permitted if it does not affect their full-time employment. Usually, it takes at least six months before the applicant can receive this payment, but the Department of Social Protection should still check.